Uncompromising help to people in need is a key point of our professional ethics. For this reason we have chosen to support and promote Telethon, which for many years now has been a national landmark for research and therapy of rare diseases, which in Italy alone afflict thousands of children, weighing on the life of as many families.

VIVIgas chose to support less fortunate people by supporting “Una maglia per la vita”, a solidarity marathon promoted by Bresciaoggi and BresciaTv to raise charity funds.

Thanks to the funds raised with the auction, to which a key contribute was given by sports and showbiz celebrities with their donated collectibles, it was possible to reach the ambitious goal of securing the participation of several deaf Brescian athletes to the track and field Italian championship, along with all the professional support they required.

With Treedom, VIVIgas advertises and sows…energy!

On the occasion of VIVIgas Be Talent, VIVIgas has decided to continue on the green road taken in 2015 during the first edition of the show, pledging to limit the environmental impact of the show itself, by embracing the philosophy of an Italian firm that has been operating all around the world for many years: Treedom.

The CO2 emissions produced by the talent show will be neutralized by planting trees that will enrich the VIVIgas forest.

Treedom has stemmed from a team of young people for the purpose of improving the world one tree at a time; doing CSR with them is a walk… in the park!