This is a leading edge project that has already gained traction in the U.S. and is targeted at primary and secondary school students with the goal of getting young people acquainted with technology and robotics.

The project’s philosophy is based on interaction: experiment, interaction and logic underpin a multidisciplinary activity involving the students in a starring role. The experimental outset is designed to thoroughly and immediately illustrate the fundamental concepts through a method of teaching based on the «learning by doing» concept.

The project relies on one of the contemporary teaching strategies consisting in the introduction of innovative topics such as computer programming, “maker” philosophy, and educational robotics.

The magic word is “do” and the goal is to make the students feel the importance of playing an active role in stimulating, thought-provoking classes involving such creative ideas as designing and assembling devices that have a real use (for example energy generators after studying and familiarizing with the Arduino platform).

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