Verona University is the prestigious stage for Kids University, an internationally renowned teaching format supported and encouraged by VIVIgas that allows opening the doors of the Veronese university to children.

This is a totally brand new idea that has the great merit of involving in a virtuous circuit not only hundreds of children in the 8 to 13 age range, but the school, the families, the territory and governmental institutions as well.

Will the University really fascinate a target that will only begin its attendance many years later?

The secret of this event’s success lies without doubt in the capacity of producing a teaching proposal that is not just rich and well-thought, but captivating too. Labs, lessons and practical demonstrations go hand in hand with entertainment moments, with shows, videos and exhibits, bringing face to face, strictly at the same level, teachers, professionals and researchers with the children and their questions, their curiosity, their need for clarity.

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