Dedicated offer for Resellers

Ours is an attractive, fully customized offer. This is why we are the ideal partner for any Reseller. We take care of all aspects of the supply, also providing all necessary technical means and information required to autonomously manage the customer pool.

There are many advantages in choosing VIVIgas:


    Including electric energy contracts to one’s service offer is a powerful means to promote growth and fidelity of the customer base. The gas and energy service is no longer a “perk” for the lucky few, but has become an opportunity that cannot be missed in the quest for continuous improvement.


    At last, it is possible to stop worrying about market price oscillations. We provide an up-to-date, competitive portfolio of products, which is the same as that of VIVIgas. Because embracing change means promoting growth and profitability.


    Same prices and conditions that are applied to our own customers. Because partnership to us means teaming together our strong points. Transparency is at the foundation of the relationship we will build together.


    No “Take or Pay” formula and no penalties apply. The power supply is “pay as you go”. We bear handling dispatching and its risks, platform access and related financial guarantees.


    Invoices are issued with your brand. You are the only reference for the end customer.


A comprehensive portfolio of high added value dedicated services:

  • Point of Delivery sale management for the electric market, and City Gate sale management for the gas market, providing the customer with a complete service.
  • Management and Development of partnerships with electric power Resellers and natural gas wholesalers through a dedicated team.
  • Customized portal to manage documentation and paperwork involving local distributors, allowing a continuous monitoring of the various applications’ progress and viewing the details of any given application.
  • Parsing and distribution of readouts received by the local distributors in real time, allowing a better and more timely management of the final customers.
  • Timely notification of any regulation change and consequent alterations to fully exploit all advantages offered by the market.
  • Electronic invoice data exchange for a better cost management.
  • Pricing tailoring and optimization, with the possibility of enjoying an industrial-class pricing.
  • REMI industry profile submission, with the possibility of handing over the portfolio management to the final customer, as we do with Large Companies.
  • Dedicated KAM (commercial contact).
  • Web interface with local distributors to manage communications related to transport and connection activities.
  • Electronic invoice data exchange, itemized by invoiced tariff component and point of delivery. This allows an easier processing and invoice data acquisition.
  • Communication expertise to produce advertising and promotional material (such as leaflets and brochures).
  • Review and fine tuning of final customers’ contract terms and conditions.
  • Sales force training through the organization of suitable courses.