Dedicated offer for Large Companies

We have designed a customized service for freelance professionals with annual utility consumptions above 100,000 gas SCM, and all electricity users connected to medium-voltage distribution.

Our proactive approach has made us a leader in the Large Company market segment (large industrial customers with a single delivery point), where we have achieved a remarkable growth rate (+195.3% for electricity and +59.8% for gas supply in the past two years).

There are many advantages in choosing VIVIgas:


    Our service is tailored on the specific requirements and needs of each customer. This is why we have been chosen by top brands of Made in Italy.


    Thanks to our extensive analysis of each customer’s energy needs, we are able to design the best solution to combine the highest efficiency with the greatest cost effectiveness.


    Our continuous monitoring the main energy markets both in Italy and abroad allows us to fine tune our strategies and guarantee the efficiency and flexibility of our customer solutions.


    A guarantee of efficiency means safeguarding our customers’ growth. We are well aware of this, and it is for this very reason that reliability is one of our distinctive trademarks in the market.


In detail, we are able to guarantee:

  • A continuous monitoring of the main energy markets, both in Italy and abroad.
  • Real-time share of our perspective and vision regarding energy prices.
  • Flexible, customized portfolio management, resulting in:
  • Price indexing linked to the largest energy markets (PSV, TTF for Gas supply and MGP Italy, France and Germany pricing for Power supply) or to oil formulas.
  • Possibility of price fixing and de-fixing.
  • Possibility of switching from one formula to another. For example, for gas price formulas, from PSV to TTF, or for power from MGP Italy to Germany/France pricing.
  • Put/call options proposal for portfolio hedging.

These operations can be carried out:

– On standard products (base load/peak load) or on modulated profiles (for example as a percentage of the overall consumption profile)
– On different time windows (week, month, quarter, calendar).


Rely on the competence and professionalism of VIVIgas Energy Consultants, who are also able to manage all necessary commercial and bureaucratic tasks.

Dedicated professionals at your service!

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