VIVIgas S.p.A., in the pursuit of its mission, has decided to adopt an Ethics Code through which it pledges to contribute, in accordance with the law and the principles of loyalty and correctness, to the promotion of sustainable growth of the communities and the environment where it is present and operating.

The Board of Directors has approved the Ethics Code of Conduct, in accordance with the provisions of article 6, Decree Law no. 231 of 8 June, 2001, for the purpose of providing an ethical guidance to the company operations as well as its collaborators’, suppliers’, and those of anyone directly or indirectly establishing a relationship, whether temporary or permanent, with VIVIgas S.p.A.

The Code mandates observance of administrative and legislative provisions, compliance with the Company’s rules and business procedures, and, together with the “Organizational, Management and Control Model”, it is a key instrument for the prevention and reduction of the risk of unlawful actions being carried out within the company organization.