We’re major players in the current Italian power market. We adopt a unitary approach to the energy challenge that is effective in tackling any supply need for both electricity and methane gas.

Our deep knowledge of the power market makes us a solid player, capable of facing with confidence the challenges of a dynamic and ever more promising market. The numbers bear it out: more than 300,000 customers, 23 dealerships and a yearly turnover in excess of 400 million Euro, which from 2003 to 2015 has shown an average yearly growth of more than 15%. Our services create good, long-term value for all our customers: freelance professionals – Large Companies, SMB’s, Resellers. Home users – Families and apartment buildings. Our continuous growth is based on flexibility and innovation: we accompany our customers on a path tailored on their requirements, that favors flexible, quick and maximally efficient solutions. This consultancy approach translates into continuous customer support, and it represents a major competitiveness asset, which in the last two years allowed us to double our sales volume in the Large Company segment alone. Quality Certification Our pledge to customer satisfaction, pursued these past few years, has found further confirmation with the Quality Certification of our customer management system, compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards; an achievement that bears witness to the excellence attained by all of our departments. Each department, with its specific duties, is designed to handle its core processes according to the state of the art, and geared towards a continuous improvement of its activities. (VIVIgas DNV Certificate)